Onsite Computer Repair Ventura, CA: Built organically on referrals and repeat customers, RescuTechs is a dedicated team of computer repair technicians proudly serving Ventura County, California. You will get fast, expert on-site computer support services, both in-home and at your small business. RescuTechs provides IT consulting and IT outsourcing services by experienced Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers to small businesses anywhere in Ventura County. We offer a full-line of business information technology services including network design, network implementation, network security, remote support and monitoring, and more. Our PC services include virus removal, laptop repair, data recovery, dc power jack and LCD screen replacement. Our PC experts will diagnose your computer’s troubles, provide a solution, and you will be back to work, or play, fast!

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  1. Request your favorite certified RescuTechs guru for every visit.
  2. The RescuTechs Guarantee: We'll fix your computer problem or there is no charge for the service.*
  3. Fast, Same Day Onsite Visits, in most cases--please try to call and schedule before 10 AM.
  4. No worrying about "flat rate" schemes and restrictions - You'll get an expert technician--by-the-hour.
  5. 24-48 hour turnaround time for most services completed at our repair center, in most cases.
  6. RescuTechs Ventura has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
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In Home Computer Repair Ventura, CA

Problems with your computer can be very stressful. We have helped thousands of computer users and most of them depend on their computers for much more than just Email. Nowadays, many people feel completely lost without their computers.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the help of a home computer support services expert whenever you need it? What if you could have a professional computer technician to resolve your PC problems, and patiently answer all of your burning computer questions, at your home, on your schedule, at a reasonable price?

Now, imagine our onsite visit lasting less than one hour. Well, most of our service calls do last less than 1 hour--we employ only veteran experts. Our consultants can do more in 1 hour than most "geeks" or "nerds" can do in two or three. While more than a few companies focus on finding ways to motivate their techs to run up the clock, we have a reputation for efficiency and precision. We want you to call us for fast, accurate and friendly computer repair and support whenever you may need it--without worrying about breaking the bank each time.

Finally, imagine yourself being delighted with your decision to engage RescuTechs for your in-home computer support needs. This is the experience that thousands of PC users just like you have had with RescuTechs Ventura.

Built on referrals and repeat customers, we are famous for our friendly and efficient computer experts and total dedication to our customers’ satisfaction.

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Small Business Computer Services - Repair, Support, IT Support

Your IT infrastructure is critical to the operation and growth of your small business. RescuTechs Ventura offers expert IT services to small businesses.

RescuTechs IT Consultants have over a decade of experience each. They excel in network design, netowork installation, and maintenance of many different computing platforms and operating systems.

We have career IT pros who possess the skills, experience and know-how to fully optimize and secure your IT infrastructure. Our IT consultants, all of whom are certified by Microsoft (MCSE – Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer), have at least 10 years of networking support and IT services experience.

RescuTechs Ventura County offers precision design and implementation of secure wired and wireless local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN) and secure virtual private networking (VPN).

RescuTechs IT Consultants are small business computer services experts.

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Data Recovery Ventura, CA

You take a seat at your desk, turn on your computer, take a sip coffee, and wait patiently Opened Hard Drive - Data Recovery Ventura for your computer's desktop to appear. You notice an unfamiliar black screen with white text. You press and hold the power button to try again--then one more time. It still doesn’t start properly. Then it hits you like a ton of bricks: your data hasn't been backed up in weeks.

Are my files lost forever? Can I get them back? How much is this going to cost?

What you do next could very well determine whether or not your data can ever be recovered. Power-down your PC, or your drive, to prevent further damage, then call a reputable hard drive data recovery company, like RescuTechs Ventura for help.

Want to save the data yourself?  Take Note: The first attempt at salvaging your data is usually the most fruitful. If your data is important to you do not try to save it yourself. Using off-the-shelf data recovery programs could result in your data being corrupted, irreparably damaging the platters in your drive, or even permanent data loss.

RescuTechs is a premier hard drive data recovery, file repair company in Ventura County, California.

RescuTechs Ventura offers you data recovery services at fair prices. With a data recovery success rate of 92% it is very likely that you will get your data back. We utilize the skills of veteran data recovery engineers, state-of-the-art equipment and software, and two (2) class-100 clean room facilities.

We handle all media types including: hard drives, RAID arrays, RAID 5, floppies, flash memory cards, USB drives, thumb drives, PDA’s, iPods, tape, camera media, MP3 players, CD’s / DVD’s, etc.

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Laptop Repair Ventura, CA

Your laptop is an engineering marvel--and very delicate. The repairing of laptops / notebooks requires an expert computer technician with a gentle touch.

RescuTechs Ventura employs full-time laptop repair techs with the knowledge and skill needed to efficiently and accurately repair and your laptop / notebook.

We provide a full line of laptop repair and support services including: virus removal and protection, operating system (OS) servicing and installation and optimization, complete data recovery services, hardware upgrades, laptop LCD screen replacement and repair, laptop DC power jack repair, and much more.

We service all major brands of laptop / notebook computers including: HP, Dell, Compaq, Sony, Toshiba, Gateway, Alienware, Fujitsu, Acer, IBM, Lenovo, ThinkPads, ASUS, Panasonic, and more.

Do not trust your delicate machine with just any technician. Our expert technicians have serviced hundreds of laptop / notebook computers.

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