Hard Drive Data Recovery Services Company for Camarillo, Ventura, and Ventura County, CA.

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RescuTechs provides data recovery services in Camarillo, Oxnard, Ventura, and all of Ventura County, CA. Our hard drive data recovery engineers recover data not only from hard drives, but from just about any media including hard drives, RAID arrays, tape, USB flash drives, camera memory, flash memory cards, CD's, DVD's, and more. As well we can save data from all major brands of internal or external hard drives including Western Digital, Seagate, Maxtor, Toshiba, Hitachi, Fujitsu, Samsung, and more. Other services by RescuTechs include laptop data recovery, desktop data recovery, external hard drive data recovery, file recovery, RAID data recovery services, and more. When you need your data back fast call RescuTechs: 805-504-3699.

We Can Get Your Data Back!

You may have lost data—and you want it back.

We understand how important your data is to you. The prospect of losing critical business files, many weeks or even months worth of work, cherished family photos and videos, or any important data can cause real anxiety.

We have recovered precious data for many people in the same position as you are. We are happy to discuss your options.

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Our data recovery professionals have decades of experience.

  1. Fast turnaround - 3-5 days, in most cases - emergency service is available late nights and weekends.
  2. We have a very high data recovery success rate with all causes of data loss - including viruses, natural disaster, computer crashes, deleted files, data corruption, dropped hard drives/computers, hard drive failure and more.
  3. All types of storage media – including hard drives, RAID arrays, laptop hard drives, Tapes, Floppies, CD’s, DVD’s, Camera memory cards, iPod’s, MP3 players and proprietary data storage and database systems.
  4. Any Device. Any Media.
  • Hard Drive Recovery
  • Laptop Recovery
  • Desktop Recovery
  • Server Recovery
  • RAID Recovery
  • OS Recovery
  • Tape Recovery
  • Email Recovery
  • File Recovery
  • CD/DVD Recovery
  • MP3 Player Recovery
  • Digital Photo Recovery
  • Mobile Device Recovery
  • and more...

Lost Your Data? What You Do Next is Critical.

If your hard drive is making odd noises like clicking, grinding, or whirring loudly, shut down your computer immediately. These noises might indicate that the hard drive's read/write heads are coming in contact with the platters and causing data loss. Call a reputable hard drive data recovery company, like RescuTechs, to safely recover your critical data.

Do-It-Yourselfers Take Note: Even what seems to be a minor data recovery attempt can render your data lost forever. In milliseconds you can write over the very data you are trying to salvage, making the recovery more difficult, or even impossible. The first data recovery attempt usually yields the best results. Do not try to recover data if your hard drive is making the odd noises described above.

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All Causes of Data Loss

From simple to the most complex data loss scenarios - including viruses, natural disasters, accidental deletion, lost files, system crashes, corruption, dropped hard drive/computer system, hardware failure and more. We have the experience, the tools and the methodologies to solve your data loss problems fast.

All Types of Data Storage Devices and Systems.

From hard drive recovery to recovering RAID 5 systems - laptops to MP3 players. RescuTechs can also recover proprietary database systems.

All Types of Media

Laptops, desktops, servers, RAID arrays, tapes, digital cameras, PDA's, MP3, and all media.

Data Recovery Service Speed and Convenience Options

RescuTechs can provide data recovery solutions remotely, in a clean room lab, or on-site if the situation permits. Need it fast? We have emergency response options to get you back to work, or play fast!

Our Data Recovery Service Area Includes:

Agoura Hills
Newbury Park
Oak View
Point Mugu
Port Hueneme
Thousand Oaks
Westlake Village
All of Ventura County

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We highly recommend backing up your data using an online storage service, like Carbonite, Spider Oak, Mozy, SugarSync, etc.

RescuTechs is an on-site computer support & data recovery services company. We provide hard drive data recovery services to Camarillo, Oxnard, Ventura and all of Ventura County, California.