Keyboard Shortcuts - WindowsWe RescuTechs use keyboard shortcuts a lot! They save time, and they help get your hand off your mouse for a bit--potentially reducing repetitive motion stress and injury.

Here is the list of our top ten keyboard shortcuts:

Ctrl + C
Copy the highlighted text or items.

Ctrl + V
Paste the text or item that's been copied.

Ctrl + X
Cut text or items. This removes the selected text or items and places them on Windows' Clipboard for Pasting (Ctrl + V) elsewhere.

Ctrl + Z and Ctrl + Y
Undo changes with Ctrl +Z, and Redo them with Ctrl + Y. Often times you can use these shortcuts to Undo/Redo multiple changes.

Ctrl + F
Opens Find--this includes your Internet browser. We use this to find certain words on webpages, for example.

Alt + Tab or the Windows Key + Tab in Windows 7
Switch between open programs (Ctrl + Tab will switch between tabs).

Ctrl + Backspace
Deletes a word at a time instead of just one character.

Ctrl + Left Arrow / Right Arrow
Moves your cursor one word at a time instead of just one character. You can highlight one word at a time by holding down Ctrl + Shift and using the left/right arrow key.

Ctrl + Home / End
Moves your cursor to the very beginning of a document (home), or to the very end.

Ctrl + P
This will allow you to Print a document or a webpage. Rather than being sent right away to your printer, this will open the "Print" dialog window. You can select the printer you want to use, limit the printing to certain pages, or open your printers "Preferences" for more advanced settings.

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