Computer Tune-Up Service

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Is your computer running slowly? Has it gone from Cheetah-like performance when it was new to a lumbering oaf today?

In the same way that you have to tune-up your car on occasion, you should tune-up your computer system. You can breathe life into your older computer again with a RescuTechs Onsite Tune-Up Service. Our veteran computer technicians know just how to revive your old computer system and make it run faster and more reliably, while extending its useful lifespan.

This is no anemic, cookie-cutter “online tune-up.” You get a seasoned computer support expert sitting right at your computer to address all of the issues that are negatively affecting your computer’s performance.

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How Will I Know When I Need a Computer Tune-Up?

A slow computer is the most common sign that your computer is sorely in need of a Tune Up. Here are a few other signs:
  • Slow Start-Up
  • Hangs or Freezes 
  • Programs Crashing
  • Hard Drive Working Overtime
  • Error Messages
  • Strange Browser Errors and Freezing
  • A Customized Approach to the Computer Tune-Up
Our Tune-Up procedure will be customized to your unique software configuration and to address the particular problems we find on your system. The possible problems and their solutions are too numerous to list here, but below is a list of the more common tasks we perform during an onsite Tune-Up:
  • Run a Virus and Malware Scan
  • Run Software to Clean Up your Operating System
  • Scan and Fix Windows Registry Problems
  • Optimize Your Operating System and Applications for Performance and Security
  • Perform a Privacy Check and Configure Your System Accordingly
  • Prevent Unneeded Applications from Automatically Running in the Background
  • Uninstall Unneeded Applications
  • Make Sure that Your Operating System is Updating Properly
  • Make Sure that You Have the Latest Drivers from the Various component and peripheral manufacturers.
  • Optimize the Settings of Your Internet Browser(s), Remove Unwanted Toolbars, Add-Ons, and Extensions
  • Install Ad-Blocking Software to Your Browser to Speed Up Browsing
  • In Some Cases, We Can Tweak CPU and RAM Settings for Improved Performance
  • Physically Cleaning Out the Dust Build-Up from Inside Your Computer
After we complete the Tune-Up, we are happy to teach you a few methods of ensuring that your computer system run well for years to come, from advice on software to showing you how to keep your operating system tidy and free of viruses and malware.

Hardware Upgrades for More Speed

You might want to consider upgrading your computer’s hardware for a boost in performance. Adding additional RAM (memory) can make a huge difference. And nothing tops replacing your old, conventional (moving parts) hard drive with a blazing fast solid-state drive (SSD – no moving parts). Everything from your computer’s start-up time to the time it takes to open programs and files will be greatly enhanced with the installation of a solid-state drive. For more information on hard ware upgrades, call us and speak with one of our friendly, certified computer technicians at: (805) 504-3699.

How Confident Are We in Our Onsite Tune-Up Service?

The RescuTechs Guarantee: If your computer is not running significantly better by the end of the service call, you won’t owe us dime for our time.

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